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Altruistic Apothecary is a passion project dreamed into existence by two Light-Workers that wish to share the gift of wholesome holistic healing services & hand-crafted spiritual merchandise with the world.

We work tirelessly to not only focus on spiritual healing, but also infuse a little bit of Magick in everything we do. We believe that infusing high vibrational energies, like crystals, moon cycles, Reiki energy, and more, enhances the quality and energetic profile of all of our hand-crafted wares.

Magickally Hand-Crafted Items Brought Straight to Your Door

We are Progressive Techno-Spiritualists (Holistic Health Practitioners, Druids, Pagans, Medicine Women/Men, the list goes on...) that focus on the progressive ways to spread Light-Work in this day in age. That is why we do not waste valuable Magick-Making & Hand-Crafting time on unnecessary overhead...

Instead we create a Friendly Neighbourhood Apothecary Pop-Up Shoppe at Spiritual, Psychic, Wellness, Pagan, Druid, Fairy & other events or shows while offering a comprehensive listing of our products online & spiritual content YOU'RE seeking via our Blog, YouTube channel, and more.

If you happen to be visiting the Collingwood, ON area - we also open our home shop/studio space to you and welcome you to visit us for readings, healing and all of your hand-crafted spiritual merchandising needs.

As Light-Workers, we have been directed by Spirit to offer our services as far beyond the reaches of our own backyard as possible. So we come to you, we commune with you at your events.

Custom Spiritual Product Sourcing & Creation

We fulfill custom orders and projects... Simply contact us with details and we'll supply a timeline and a quote. Looking for an item that we don't currently make ourselves? No worries! We have a network of Spiritual Friends that also offer hand-crafted goods and wares & we are sure that we can get you in touch with someone who will fulfill your every spiritual wish & need.

Consider us your Spiritual Consultants for any or all of your spiritual tool, craft, or jewelry needs.

We specialize in the creation of unique alchemic blends (salves, bath salts, soaps, misters/sprays, and more) & natural crystal, seed or bone jewelry.

We will prepare a custom brew or build based on your requirements and align the energies with yours; while respecting, honouring & infusing the elements of nature, solar and lunar cycles, as well as your aura/etheric fields and chakra alignments.

We wish to share our academic & intuitive knowledge of the Spiritual field by providing you with whatever it is that you are looking for.

Seeking Spiritual Guidance or Healing?

We offer unique perspectives in Spiritual Reading & Healing services.

Allison is a powerful clairvoyant with additional gifts in clairaudience, clairsentience & claircognizance. As a Holistic Health Practitioner & Reiki Master she also has the unique ability to tap into your energy field to provide you intuitive clarity during a reading &/or healing session. She taps into your energy first, then reaches out to Spirit to aid in the reading & healing process. Through this specialized method, she is able to determine what it is you would like to know or what aspects physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually require healing.

Nick considers himself to be a modern-day Druid with an unparalleled empathic and clairsentient ability. He can hone in on your field of emotional intelligence (through tapping into the heart and mind) to provide an in depth reading with traditional Nordic/Germanic Runes. Nick is a passionate follower of the traditional method of reading Runes, and respects the wisdom gifted to us from the sacrifice of Odin during his pilgrimage at Yggdrasil (the Tree of Life).

Above all Else... We are Here to Help

We know, first hand, how difficult the spiritual journey can be at times and how we all have the desire to change and better our lives. We focus on filling the void of hand-crafted wares out there by offering natural alternatives to aid in the spiritual journey. As humans, we use tools to eat, drink, work, play.... Why do we limit ourselves by attempting the spiritual journey without the necessary tools? If we cannot find the tools we need out there, we face a road-block in our ascension and plateau in our cycle of enlightenment.

This is why we do what we do. We wish to offer the hard-to-find spiritual tools, through foraging, creating, magicking, and sheer force of will; to give you a leg-up in your Spiritual Quest.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without, We Wish you Well...

Blessed Be on your Journey, Fellow Light-Workers, Gypsy Wanderers & Cosmic Travellers

Many thanks to you for visiting our website. We hope you find the information and spiritual/holistic health tools you seek, and if not, we look forward to hearing your unique story or magickal needs soon.